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A consulting engineer possesses the qualifications of education, technical knowledge, experience, and legal registration to practice engineering. He maintains the highest professional and ethical standards and builds his professional reputation on the successful fulfillment of his assignments.

What sets Tennergy apart from other consulting engineers offering comparable services? Simply stated, it is the unique relationship we enjoy with our clients. We are much more than a consultant, we are friends and advisors.

System Uprating

Tennergy's experienced staff can work with gas utilities in uprating distribution systems for higher operating pressures. Technical support includes writing uprating procedures to final implementation and qualifying the new MAOP.

O & M Plans

Tennergy can help utilities meet all federal and state regulations by writing and updating O&M Plans and Emergency Procedures and ensuring they comply with the latest code requirements.

Pipeline Safety Compliance

Tennergy has seasoned professionals on staff who assist gas system operators in complying with all pipeline safety regulations. They perform routine audits to prevent citations, and can even assist to correct cited violations, ensuring public safety and the integrity of the gas system.

Unaccounted-for Gas Analysis

Tennergy is committed to helping gas utility companies operate efficiently to keep rates low and maintain profitability. To help reduce system operating expenses, Tennergy can help gas utilities identify and correct excessive 'unaccounted-for gas' losses.

Right-of-Way Acquisitions

As an industry leader, Tennergy can provide all the services required for right-of-way acquisitions. Our engineers work closely with appraisers, attorneys and local agents, and are skilled in negotiating for our clients.

System Modeling

This planning tool allows engineers and GIS professionals to simulate a utility system before its actual construction, saving time and money. System modeling is available to help utilities improve system performance, create plans for growth and provide a means for industrial development.

Green House Gas Reporting

Tennergy’s experienced staff can work with gas utilities to report GHG (Green House Gas) emission for their gas system. EPA requires annual reports from gas utilities for loads that exceed or equal to 460,000 MCF per calendar year