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Geographic Information Systems

The staff at the Tennergy Corporation has the specialized expertise to assist you in developing and maintaining your utility infrastructure GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Whether you require an entirely new mapping system, an update of your existing maps or want to convert your data into electronic format, Tennergy can be your resource. Tennergy can make your system maps more accurate, simple to update, and easier to manage. Using a Global Positioning System (GPS), Tennergy can precisely map and display, relative to other mapped features, a utility's infrastructure, including electric, gas, water and other services. With integrated system maps it is easy to view the location of each service relative to the others.

GIS services include:

Data Collection

Tennergy can use existing maps combined with a field inventory using the latest GPS technology to collect data for your Geographic Information System.

Data Conversion & Storage

Once the data has been collected and converted to an electronic format, Tennergy has three options for making the data available to utilities:

  • Data is installed on the utility's computer. The utility accesses and maintains data with software licensed to the utility.
  • Data is stored on Tennergy's in-house server. Replicated data is stored on utility’s computer along with licensed software that enables the utility to view data. Tennergy maintains the data for the utility and periodically updates the utility’s replicated data.
  • Data is stored on Tennergy's computer. Utility views data via the Internet. No specialized software or storage capacity is needed by the utility.

Data Maintenance

Tennergy can maintain your mapping data with scheduled updates. Tennergy can provide this service regardless of whether you choose to store your data on your own computer system or on Tennergy’s computer system.